Claroscuro, a new feminine agenda

When darkside games meet classical purity, we're betting on forbidden fruits for the win. Up the ante, play your ace and observe, come morning, that pearly beauty and perfection come hand in hand with corruption. Read More
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Colour in abundance and popsicle-palette excess is synonymous with the electrically charged 1980s: Debbie Harry sporting sex-shop red against a kaleidoscopic backdrop, high-octane glamour in a downtown discotheque. Read More
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Blow Up

What do we Quant? The experimental shapes and hopeful colours of 1960s fashion! When do we Quant it? Now! Postwar yet pre-hippie, the radical elegance of miniskirted mods is a pendulum that just keeps swinging... Read More
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Living Modern

Unornamented, clean lines and silhouettes owe a debt to Le Corbusier and the form-follows-function epiphany of Modernist architecture. Read More
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Act I, scene 2: the deceptively tough dame, the misunderstood temptress, the guarded, vulnerable underworld lily who provokes hot-headed desire, even a tinge of jealousy. Enter screen left: someone to watch over her… The plot twist will blow your mind. Read More
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La Pause

Theatrical fantasy and inimitable glamour are offset by blasé nonchalance, and the mood is louche. In an unexpected landscape backdropped by seas of dunes, the essence of an indefatigable iconoclast is restored sporting anything but neutral. Read More
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Filmed after World War II, Federico Fellini's acclaimed satire, La Dolce Vita, hints at an exasperated offspring of repressed female expression. Her contemporary: all about contrasts—sharp and soft, playful but pragmatic, blasé and quick-witted at the same time. Read More
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Petunia Nº2

Cravings, curiosities and primal desires manifest in the relationship between artist and the muse. The offspring: the legacy. We take inspiration from the tenacity that defines O’Keeffe and take to the foothills of the Atlas Mountain. Read More
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The Manifesto Cyborg

The treacherous lines between imagination and material reality: a sentimental guide to being a good cyborg. Read More
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In Movimento

There really is no word in the English language that can directly translate that invigorating sensation that comes from witnessing the vast and illuminating big city lights for the first time—the extraordinary euphoria that you’re now a participant in, or audience to, the pulsating ebb and flow of the city streets. Read More
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