Silence + Noise: A Hybrid

The deafening roar of silence, a Cubicle celebration of noise—and the lack thereof. Illustrated with the new Bentley Bentayga Hybrid 2019 in San Francisco. Read More
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Adventure in Imperfection

The essence of a perfect adventure relies on the unforgiving, raw imperfections of nature—A taste of the arctic circle, with Breitling Read More
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The Rendez-Vous

Navigating the labyrinthine emotions of a modern rendez-vous, created for Jaeger Le-Coultre during the 2017 Venice Film Festival. Contrary to popular belief, the first wrist watches were worn by women. The Jaeger Le-Coultre Rendez-Vous collection was born as an homage to this tradition and a desire to exalt the modern woman. Read More
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Women of land and sky

I am open Open as the arid lands that whet their appetite with the first drop of the heavens. Courage. The journeys that fold and unfold, coil and untangle regardless of boundaries, hesitations, or of thundering fear. Women, who are of land and sky. Warriors for peace and power, I am a virgin and a mother. I am a pilgrim. I am a Nomade. Read More

Fashion’s Falling

Falling perpetually, rather than apart: the state of the fashion industry is stuck in a state of limbo, perpetually moving through a bottomless black hole. The sculptures are set in stone but the digital sphere spirals with uncertainty like a politically complex pot au feu. Read More

Notes of Parco Palladiano

On chasing down that ever-fleeting memory of a Bottega Veneta summer Read More

‘Hy’ [Swedish]: Skin or Complexion

I think of all the gunk we smear in daily in the efforts to control, manipulate it’s appearance and can’t help but feel helpless, even foolish. Read More