Nombre Noir

The ultra-stylised, look-don't-touch eroticism of Serge Lutens was a dominant theme in fashion and beauty throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Read More
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Close up… now closer, closer still, until the object you’re seeing comes loose from its context and gets all weird and sacramental, a fetish, a meditation. Read More
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The Ceremony

As collective uncertainty and anxiety hover, what would a zen master do? Read More
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Garden Of One’s Own

What if Edith Bouvier Beale were reincarnated as a millennial? Or - bear with us here - she was the first millennial (cue gasp)? Read More
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O Rio De Janeiro

Nature, organic shapes, geometric abstraction and Brazilian genius meet hot hot hot sunshine in the exuberantly Modernist urban design of Lucio Costa and Roberto Burle Marx Read More
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1936: The Buenos Aires Affair

THE BUENOS AIRES AFFAIR: Could you be the most beautiful room in the world? Why Jean-Michel Frank's interiors for the Kavanagh Building in Buenos Aires bring tears to the modernist aesthete's eyes. Read More
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La Nouvelle Bourgeoise

Feline and fickle, she’s on the prowl—up and down the bougie boulevards and in and out of the boîtes de nuit. She playfully types Cinéma Gaumont, Champs Elysées, 1973 into her Uber’s destination box, but it protests with null results. Paris never really changes, and neither must you, Françoise. Read More
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Gangs of Seoul

Episodes of corruption and dark morality, starring hard-boiled mobsters straight outta Watanabe Katsumi’s records of lowlife Tokyo, or classic Hong Kong cop flicks of the 1980s. It’s the chaos of cool, as Seijun Suzuki evangelised. Read More
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When darkside games meet classical purity, we're betting on forbidden fruits for the win. Up the ante, play your ace and observe, come morning, that pearly beauty and perfection come hand in hand with corruption. Read More
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Colour in abundance and popsicle-palette excess is synonymous with the electrically charged 1980s: Debbie Harry sporting sex-shop red against a kaleidoscopic backdrop, high-octane glamour in a downtown discotheque. Read More
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