La Pause

Theatrical fantasy and inimitable glamour are offset by blasé nonchalance, and the mood is louche. In an unexpected landscape backdropped by seas of dunes, the essence of an indefatigable iconoclast is restored sporting anything but neutral. Read More
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Twist in Time

Consult Netflix and the fact that plot twists are most delicious when least expected. In today’s retail safari landscape practically brimming with excess, the trick to scoring a gem that will outlast the race with trend is this: hunt for classic, with a twist. Read More
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Filmed after World War II, Federico Fellini's acclaimed satire, La Dolce Vita, hints at an exasperated offspring of repressed female expression. Her contemporary: all about contrasts—sharp and soft, playful but pragmatic, blasé and quick-witted at the same time. Read More
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Petunia Nº2

Cravings, curiosities and primal desires manifest in the relationship between artist and the muse. The offspring: the legacy. We take inspiration from the tenacity that defines O’Keeffe and take to the foothills of the Atlas Mountain. Read More
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The Manifesto Cyborg

The treacherous lines between imagination and material reality: a sentimental guide to being a good cyborg. Read More
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Get boxed in

Things are not the way they appear—in fact, things have never been more blunt, and the endless battle of corporal optical illusion is at halt. Replace pointy, lengthening tactics with brazen honesty. It’s never been more sexy to be a geek. Be there, and be square. Read More

In Movimento

There really is no word in the English language that can directly translate that invigorating sensation that comes from witnessing the vast and illuminating big city lights for the first time—the extraordinary euphoria that you’re now a participant in, or audience to, the pulsating ebb and flow of the city streets. Read More


Leather is indisputably tough, but it’s more than durability that sets Smythson’s utilitarian luxury and craftsmanship apart from the rest. From considered palettes to a whole new product range, Luc Goidadin’s timely entrance marks an unexpected shift in the system. Read More


A Fresh Take on Fine Lines. From silky silhouettes to lacquer textures, a set of different finishes can impart shape, structure, and graphic zip to a wardrobe. Re format your wardrobe with new pieces made special by their boundary-pushing variations on classic lines, combine them in unexpected ways, and then play up the contrast with fresh accessories. Read More

Contemporary States

The tailored black-tie suit is perhaps the pinnacle of all formal garments, which can be traced back to court dressing in Britain in the 17th century. For women, the tailored suit came in the form of ‘riding habits’ in the 1600s, but ‘pantsuits’ for women were once illegal—which still admittedly sends stabbing signals down my spine in the form of hypothetical peacocks poking menacingly at my lumbar vertebrae each time the topic is brought to the fore. Read More