Adventure in Imperfection

The essence of a perfect adventure relies on the unforgiving, raw imperfections of nature—A taste of the arctic circle, with Breitling Read More
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Tylko the Shelf

Display is everything. Correction, WAS everything. It’s alarming how quickly it changed overnight—On our relationship with things, their physical dwellings, and most importantly, doors. Read More
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The Rendez-Vous

Navigating the labyrinthine emotions of a modern rendez-vous, created for Jaeger Le-Coultre during the 2017 Venice Film Festival. Contrary to popular belief, the first wrist watches were worn by women. The Jaeger Le-Coultre Rendez-Vous collection was born as an homage to this tradition and a desire to exalt the modern woman. Read More
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The Manifesto Cyborg

The treacherous lines between imagination and material reality: a sentimental guide to being a good cyborg. Read More
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Get boxed in

Things are not the way they appear—in fact, things have never been more blunt, and the endless battle of corporal optical illusion is at halt. Replace pointy, lengthening tactics with brazen honesty. It’s never been more sexy to be a geek. Be there, and be square. Read More

Women of land and sky

I am open Open as the arid lands that whet their appetite with the first drop of the heavens. Courage. The journeys that fold and unfold, coil and untangle regardless of boundaries, hesitations, or of thundering fear. Women, who are of land and sky. Warriors for peace and power, I am a virgin and a mother. I am a pilgrim. I am a Nomade. Read More

Regent Street: 200 Years

The moment I looked down on Regent Street from above, I realised it was precisely the regality I was looking for when I needed the inspiration. Eventually, the street had become the geographical spine to my professional career. Read More

In Movimento

There really is no word in the English language that can directly translate that invigorating sensation that comes from witnessing the vast and illuminating big city lights for the first time—the extraordinary euphoria that you’re now a participant in, or audience to, the pulsating ebb and flow of the city streets. Read More


Leather is indisputably tough, but it’s more than durability that sets Smythson’s utilitarian luxury and craftsmanship apart from the rest. From considered palettes to a whole new product range, Luc Goidadin’s timely entrance marks an unexpected shift in the system. Read More

From baring skin to bear-skinned

We become not one, but many women - redefining what it means to be us at every turn of our life’s pages. Read More