Fashion’s Falling

Falling perpetually, rather than apart: the state of the fashion industry is stuck in a state of limbo, perpetually moving through a bottomless black hole. The sculptures are set in stone but the digital sphere spirals with uncertainty like a politically complex pot au feu. Read More
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Contemporary States

The tailored black-tie suit is perhaps the pinnacle of all formal garments, which can be traced back to court dressing in Britain in the 17th century. For women, the tailored suit came in the form of ‘riding habits’ in the 1600s, but ‘pantsuits’ for women were once illegal—which still admittedly sends stabbing signals down my spine in the form of hypothetical peacocks poking menacingly at my lumbar vertebrae each time the topic is brought to the fore. Read More
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Slowness: The Art of Slowing Down

A look at slowness through creative expression and contemplation Read More
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Notes of Parco Palladiano

On chasing down that ever-fleeting memory of a Bottega Veneta summer Read More
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‘Hy’ [Swedish]: Skin or Complexion

I think of all the gunk we smear in daily in the efforts to control, manipulate it’s appearance and can’t help but feel helpless, even foolish. Read More
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Une Femme Est Une Femme

There’s probably a holy grail style guide floating out there banning words like chic, Parisian chic, reinvented, authentic from being used—unless ironically. Then the French New Wave comes along and we momentarily forget the rules because Chic makes a brief comeback, and she’s brought Parisian along with her donning sophisticated stripes. Read More
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Chanel Knitwear Factory

A trip to Scotland! Delving into the true meaning of craftsmanship, character and a meticulous eye for detail at Barrie Knitwear, suppliers of Chanel knitwear. Read More

L’Envol de Cartier

Stirring the senses on a speedy trip to Paris with Cartier to behold L’Envol - a perfume inspired by ambrosia/mead and rounded with honey notes and balmy facets. Read More

More than meets the eye

Details details and a very close look at the artisanal process behind the Tomas Maier atelier breeding a new era in luxury. Read More

Maldives: Nook & Cranny

Quietude and solitude: When life gives you lemons you make lemonade and hope to god you'll make enough money for a flight & board at the Conrad Maldives. Read More