Women of land and sky

I am open Open as the arid lands that whet their appetite with the first drop of the heavens. Courage. The journeys that fold and unfold, coil and untangle regardless of boundaries, hesitations, or of thundering fear. Women, who are of land and sky. Warriors for peace and power, I am a virgin and a mother. I am a pilgrim. I am a Nomade. Read More

Regent Street: 200 Years

The moment I looked down on Regent Street from above, I realised it was precisely the regality I was looking for when I needed the inspiration. Eventually, the street had become the geographical spine to my professional career. Read More

In Movimento

There really is no word in the English language that can directly translate that invigorating sensation that comes from witnessing the vast and illuminating big city lights for the first time—the extraordinary euphoria that you’re now a participant in, or audience to, the pulsating ebb and flow of the city streets. Read More


Leather is indisputably tough, but it’s more than durability that sets Smythson’s utilitarian luxury and craftsmanship apart from the rest. From considered palettes to a whole new product range, Luc Goidadin’s timely entrance marks an unexpected shift in the system. Read More

From baring skin to bear-skinned

We become not one, but many women - redefining what it means to be us at every turn of our life’s pages. Read More


Remove superfluous adornments; work on a translucent canvas that can be manipulated to your liking—like an uncomplicated portrait with some unexplainable idiosyncrasy. Read More


A Fresh Take on Fine Lines. From silky silhouettes to lacquer textures, a set of different finishes can impart shape, structure, and graphic zip to a wardrobe. Re format your wardrobe with new pieces made special by their boundary-pushing variations on classic lines, combine them in unexpected ways, and then play up the contrast with fresh accessories. Read More

Fashion’s Falling

Falling perpetually, rather than apart: the state of the fashion industry is stuck in a state of limbo, perpetually moving through a bottomless black hole. The sculptures are set in stone but the digital sphere spirals with uncertainty like a politically complex pot au feu. Read More

Contemporary States

The tailored black-tie suit is perhaps the pinnacle of all formal garments, which can be traced back to court dressing in Britain in the 17th century. For women, the tailored suit came in the form of ‘riding habits’ in the 1600s, but ‘pantsuits’ for women were once illegal—which still admittedly sends stabbing signals down my spine in the form of hypothetical peacocks poking menacingly at my lumbar vertebrae each time the topic is brought to the fore. Read More

Slowness: The Art of Slowing Down

A look at slowness through creative expression and contemplation Read More